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Productivity Technology

UCO provides a variety of technologies to support productivity.  To learn more about the following technologies, click the [more info] link under each tool, or visit the Technology Resource Center website at http://trc.uco.edu.


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Windows 7         

Windows 7 is used on desktops, laptops, netbooks and tablet PCs. TRC conducts Windows 7 training that will provide an overview of the features in Windows 7.

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 is a powerful tool for using UCO email, calendars, and contacts to stay connected and stay on time.  TRC conducts Outlook training that will help you get the most out of this application.

Microsoft Word 2010

Word 2010 is designed to help you organize and write your documents more professionally and efficiently. TRC conducts Word training that includes document creation and format, advanced formatting, table creation and management, footnotes, adding comments, tracking changes and document protection.

Microsoft Excel 2010

Excel 2010 is a spreadsheet application used to organize and perform operations on data in order to make more informed decisions.  TRC conducts Excel training that includes utilizing data tools, creating and editing worksheets, performing data calculations, using pivot tables to analyze worksheet data and presenting data in a variety of professional looking charts.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

With PowerPoint 2010, you can create and present slide shows that combine text, shapes, pictures, graphs, animation, charts, videos, and much more. TRC conducts PowerPoint training that includes the fundamentals and advanced aspects of creating and modifying a presentation.

Microsoft Publisher       

Publisher 2010 helps you create, personalize, and share a variety of professional-quality publications and marketing materials with ease. Whether you are creating brochures, newsletters, postcards, greeting cards, or e-mail newsletters, you can deliver high-quality results without having graphic design experience. TRC conducts Publisher training that will prepare you to create, format, edit, and distribute publications.

Adobe Acrobat Pro        

Acrobat Pro allows you to create and share PDF documents.  TRC conducts Acrobat Pro training that provides an overview of how to use Acrobat Pro to easily create PDF documents from a variety of sources, as well as creating PDF forms.


UCONNECT is the University portal for accessing classes, schedules, accounts, email and more. The UCONNECT portal strives to provide the same services online that are available on-campus.

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Web Tools

Broncho Blogs  

Broncho Blogs is the official UCO blog system, powered by WordPress.  Broncho Blogs are an easy way to follow your interests across campus, as well as quickly and easily publish information about your project, team, organization, etc.

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Wiki Central is UCO's official wiki system. WikiCentral is used for collaboration in courses or teams. Wikis can be an excellent alternative to emails and documents.

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Web Content Management System (WCMS)     

WCMS is the UCO web content management system that allows users with little or no knowledge of web programming to create and manage website content. TRC conducts initial and advanced WCMS training to prepare web content editors for webpage creation and editing, create links to other Web pages, upload files and create content blocks and light boxes to enhance webpages.