Productivity Technology

UCO provides a variety of technologies to support productivity.  To learn more about the following technologies, click the [more info] link under each tool, or visit the Technology Resource Center website at

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 allows 24/7 access to email and cloud storage for business. Visit to sign in to your UCO email account online.
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UCONNECT is the University portal for accessing classes, schedules, accounts, email and more. The UCONNECT portal strives to provide the same services online that are available on-campus.
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Web Tools

Broncho Blogs
Broncho Blogs is the official UCO blog system, powered by WordPress. Broncho Blogs are an easy way to follow your interests across campus, as well as quickly and easily publish information about your project, team, organization, etc.
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Wiki Central is UCO's official wiki system. WikiCentral is used for collaboration in courses or teams. Wikis can be an excellent alternative to emails and documents.
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Web Content Management System (WCMS)
WCMS is the UCO web content management system that allows users with little or no knowledge of web programming to create and manage website content. TRC conducts initial and advanced WCMS training to prepare web content editors for webpage creation and editing, create links to other Web pages, upload files and create content blocks and light boxes to enhance webpages.
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