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Adjunct Faculty at UCO

Central's adjunct faculty make an enormous contribution to helping students learn, and CeCE, TR, and CETTL work to support adjuncts as they work with their students.

facultyRealizing that adjunct teaching schedules can often bring them to campus only in the evenings, CETTL’s hours are 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, recognizing that the hour before an evening class start may be the only opportunity adjuncts have for in-person access to CETTL resources.

Under development at CETTL is an online orientation and support curriculum for adjuncts in recognition that most adjuncts are not available upon initial hire to attend the week-long new faculty orientation and training before the start of each fall semester. In addition, CETTL is working to capture in-person faculty development workshop content, where possible, in such a way that useful recordings and/or condensations of workshop content is available on CETTL’s web site after the event.

Finally, continuing under development are video versions of the introductions to UCO units that are part of new faculty orientation. These video clips will be housed on the CETTL web site for access not only by adjuncts not able to attend the new faculty orientation, but by all faculty who wish to revisit the videos to remind themselves where to find a particular resource among the various UCO support offices.

Adjuncts — please contact us when you need assistance in your role as an instructor here at UCO!

Background checks:  All new and returning adjuncts (with a lapse of service over a year) require a background check.   They will receive an email from jobs@uco.edu with a link to the background site asking for additional information, please let them know it is important for them to follow the instructions and submit the required information at their earliest convenience. They will not be able to start their position until the background check has been completed.