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The Faculty Handbook is valuable immediately for new faculty. Please take a look at the information on the Faculty Handbook page, and then click on the link there to access the handbook itself, which is updated annually.

When you access the handbook, notice that Academic Affairs includes a listing of that year’s substantive updates to the handbook. As you continue in your career as a UCO teacher-scholar, this updating feature will be helpful.

Especially important for new faculty to note regarding information in the Faculty Handbook:

  • Academic Vision Statement — This includes the phrase, “transformative education through active engagement in the teaching-learning interchange”
  • Transformative Learning in Your Course — Section includes a subsection requiring that syllabi identify which of the Central Six Tenets are addressed in the course as part of helping students achieve course outcomes. IMPORTANT: The statement indicates that not all courses will be able to include all of the Central Six Tenets.

This is important. Please understand that UCO enacted this requirement as a prompt to help faculty mindfully and intentionally design learning activities and environments which are more likely to prompt transformative learning experiences than simply leaving that process to chance. CETTLCeCE, and TRC are all focused on assisting you in creating such activities and environments.

  • Your syllabus — Please refer to Section 3.4 of the Faculty Handbook for information about syllabus requirements overall. Note, too, that there is a syllabus addendum which is available electronically and which is required as part of your syllabus.