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New Faculty Mentoring Program

Your College and/or Department may have mentoring programs which link you with colleagues within your discipline as part of helping you acclimate to your role as a faculty member. CETTL’s New Faculty Mentoring Program is not meant to replace that; our purpose is to connect you with an experienced faculty member from outside your college so that you can take advantage of your cross-colleague’s perspectives about being a teacher-scholar at UCO and about teaching techniques and tools in use in an unrelated discipline.

All faculty work to help students learn. The same student you have in your chemistry class may also be in a history class. With student learning as the common goal, cross-disciplinary discussions about helping students reach learning outcomes can be rich and rewarding. We seek to facilitate such discussions with the New Faculty Mentoring Program.

New Faculty Mentoring Program dates, times and locations will be posted on the CETTL Events page as they are planned.