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Faculty Portfolio

The faculty academic professional portfolio is a tool that documents your development as a teacher-scholar. Your department may refer to this as a dossier regarding that part of an entire portfolio which is required as part of the tenure process.Aged-patina graphic: 17th-century scientist’s journal. However, the term, “academic professional portfolio,” is meant to refer to a portfolio which documents your teaching, research, and service to the university, academy, and local community. It is meant as a living document which grows and changes across the course of your career.

IMPORTANT TIP: Begin gathering artifacts which exemplify your teaching, research, and service as soon as you begin teaching at UCO. You do not want to be at the mercy of chance for being able to document your performance because you have not, at minimum, created a folder where you save things like effusive student emails, samples of student work produced in your classes, communication with esteemed colleagues in your discipline, and so forth.

CETTL provides multiple resources to assist you with your portfolio and with an extremely important component of the portfolio (especially here at UCO where at least 50% of your evaluation is based on teaching effectiveness) — the teaching philosophy statement. We also have multiple titles in our Library about faculty portfolio creation and use.

For departments and colleges that choose to implement a digital portfolio option, the D2L ePortfolio system can effectively meet this need.  TRC provides training and assistance for faculty and administrators in creating, sharing, and reviewing D2L ePortfolios.