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Leadership Development

Your Chair and Department will provide information about any departmental expectations concerning faculty professional development. As part of faculty personal development within UCO, including development and advancement that may qualify faculty for moving into Chair and possibly Dean roles, documenting the leadership development activities in which you've participated can be important.

UCO’s Professional Development unit provides offerings to the entire campus community, and there is much high-quality developmental programming offered by Human Resources within the Learning Center.

Remember to check with your department for college- or department-specific development opportunities, such as potential support to attend workshops, institutes, collegia, etc., that focus on development as teacher-scholars within your discipline.

CETTL workshops are usually advertised on the CETTL Events page with links for you to register. Sign-in sheets at the workshop provide a double-check on attendance. We are eager to document your participation at our development functions, thereby providing corroboration of your participation. You should include attendance at CETTL workshops each year as part of what you document for professional development.