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Professional/Personal Development

The Teacher-Scholar Model: Development as a Scholar

While at least 50% of the evaluation of faculty performance at UCO is based on teaching effectiveness, it’s nonetheless true that many aspects of teaching effectiveness relate to content knowledge and your life as a researcher within your discipline. Further, developing as a writer and a speaker for professional audiences is also part of personal development within the academy because faculty are usually expected to publish in peer-reviewed journals and to create effective grant proposals (writing) and to present at professional conferences about their research findings (speaking).

Many of the resources supporting your scholarly development will be housed within your department:

  • funding for travel to professional conferences where you’ve been accepted as a presenter (IMPORTANT! Always check with your department about travel funding before submitting conference proposals!)
  • guidance on suitable disciplinary journals where you can submit articles
  • department-specific guidelines on research, publication, and professional presentation requirements, especially concerning promotion and tenure

CETTL provides multiple resources to assist you in creating impactful presentations (including CETTL Library titles), whether for your own classrooms or for outside audiences.

TRC provides training and 1:1 assistance with using presentation and multimedia authoring tools that can help you share your research results, whether through a conference presentation, video, website, or other medium.  Training and assistance is available in the use of Windows, Mac, and iPad-based media authoring tools.