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As a teacher-scholar, part of your work probably involves some kind of research, writing, and other forms of public dissemination of knowledge. Often, that writing is submitted to academic journals. 

Graph showing the top 23 highest rated science journals by prestige, 2007 & 2008, based on the SCImago Journal Rank Indicator.

CETTL offers several resources about academic publishing as well as assistance in thinking through which journals may be good fits for submitting articles. Especially concerning articles focused on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), CETTL can provide consultative input about what SoTL journals look for regarding research about student learning.

Conducting research about student learning within your own classroom(s) is rewarding not just for the improving your own instructional practice but also because there are so many peer-reviewed, quality journals where those results can be published. Today, there are even peer-reviewed video journals with articles about SoTL, and there are high-quality, open-access journals which are venues that, if they accept and publish your work, will provide free access to your writing to anyone on the Web.