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Assessment’s Role as We Help Students Learn

Assessing student learning outcomes is one of the most important things faculty do. In most cases, assessing the degree to which students have achieved course-level outcomes is different from assigning a grade because the grade often must factor in performance indicators not related to the outcome (e.g., timeliness of submission or proper formatting in a paper when the outcome being assessed is the student’s ability to demonstrate in the narrative an understanding of the topic discussed).

There are many resources created to help faculty assess well. There are tools which can help in this process. There is an entire UCO unit focused on determining how well we assess student learning and how well we use the results to improve future instruction and future student engagement and success.

Whether assessing at the course, program, or institutional level, assessment is actually more than one-quarter of process, PLAN - DO - MEASURE - ADJUST, because one assesses during the “measure” component but then uses assessment results to both adjust and plan within this iterative cycle.

CETTL’s role is to support faculty in improving student learning outcomes assessment as one way to get better at helping students learn.

Useful Assessment Resource Sites: