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Professional/Personal Development

The Teacher-Scholar Model: Development as a Teacher

At minimum, 50% of the evaluation of faculty performance at UCO is based on teaching effectiveness. This is consistent with our mission, and it reinforces our commitment to Transformative Learning. CETTL, CeCE, and Technology Resource Center provide many resources to support faculty as they seek to maintain and improve their effectiveness in the classroom, whether physical, virtual, or a blend.

A key idea underpinning the teacher-scholar model is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Just as faculty are experts within their disciplines and conduct research within those disciplines, faculty should strive to become expert teachers within their disciplines, sometimes conducting research in that arena, too. In Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate (available in the CETTL Library), Ernest Boyer advanced the idea that by any measure — peer reviewed journals, professional conferences, recognized experts, professional organizations, research conducted — teaching is an activity equal to research within the discipline.

CETTL’s role in helping faculty develop as outstanding teachers includes support and resources for all forms of pedagogical and andragogical practice: workshops offered about particular instructional strategies and/or tools, resources about the theory and practice of teaching in college, help in finding places to publish in peer-reviewed journals about one’s teaching practice and in finding professional conferences where one shares about such practice, help in devising and submitting grants related to research about teaching and learning effectiveness, individual consultations to assist with thorny teaching challenges (see CETTL’s confidentiality statement), classroom observations and subsequent feedback, the CETTL Library and online access to resources about teaching well, and many other forms of support.