Teacher Development: Resources to Help Faculty Teach Well

Given UCO’s mission to “help students learn,” supporting faculty as they develop across their teaching careers is very important. Although the academy is slowly starting to change in this regard, it is still true that many doctoral programs do not include courses or other professional development opportunities related to instructional design, teaching strategies and tools, helping college students succeed when those students so often include a broad mix of academic preparedness, and other topics which would help new faculty prepare for the “teacher” part of their upcoming careers as teacher-scholars.

Whether you are a new faculty member or a long-time college professor, continuing to find new and better ways to help students learn is important. The Technology Resource Center (TRC), the Center for eLearning and Continuing Education (CeCE), and the Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning (CETTL) are here to help.

CETTL’s role is to provide support, assistance, and resources for all aspects of pedagogy and andragogy. While “pedagogy” is widely defined as the “art and science of teaching” and in that context is often applied no matter the age of the learner, the term, “andragogy,” specifically means the “art and science of teaching adults.” One of the transformations UCO seeks among its typical college freshman-aged students is a transition from adolescence to adulthood. Too, we have a large population of adults among our student body. CETTL can assist from its background and experience in working with faculty who teach learners of all ages.