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T&L Institute

The Teaching and Learning Institute

This rich week-long experience for new UCO faculty was carefully designed by UCO faculty to focus on UCO’s Transformative Learning approach to engaging with students. The Institute provides support for how to create high-impact practices and how to utilize proven approaches and techniques that maximize student engagement, collaboration, and experiential learning opportunities. What faculty learn at the Institute informs practice as new instructors begin their UCO teaching careers.

Past T&L Institutes have featured such higher education and faculty development luminaries as Dr. Ken Bain, author of "What the Best College Teachers Do," and Dr. Dee Fink, whose hands-on, afternoon workshop is always well received as a primer on techniques and practices that make teaching and learning both fun and effective.

This event usually occurs Monday - Friday a couple of weeks before the fall semester starts.

The Teaching and Learning Institute segues into Technology Resource’s new faculty technology orientation at the end of the week.

See the dates, times, and location on the CETTL Events page.